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Naturopathic Doctors in Vernon - Richard Bartlett, a Naturopath and chiropractor developed a transformative healing system referred to as Matrix Energetics during 1997 after he had undergone a life-changing event. Mr. Bartlett discovered that he could restore the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional balance in his clients just by touching them lightly with focused intention. As an added bonus, he can correct misalignments which had troubled a few of his patients for several years. Richard discovered that he could teach anyone this technique that combines subtle energy along with active imagination, quantum physics and focused intent.

The body is a resonating matrix which contains a biological field of information. According to the philosophy behind Matrix Energetics, the patterns within this matrix can become disturbed through emotional or physical injury. These disturbances could result in embedded habits or perceptions that could block an individual from reaching a condition of health, happiness, prosperity and other constructive circumstances. Matrix Energetics works to remove blockages, transfer these ingrained patterns and change core beliefs in order to enable the client to obtain their objectives to be able create the quality of life and sort of life preferred.

Matrix Energetics practitioners think that preconceived notions of limitations are the source of an individual's issues and that these restrictions can be eliminated at once through the healing system of Matrix Energetics. This particular healing system is thought to remove the causes of both temporary and chronic concerns such as fibromyalgia, emotional trauma, headaches, muscle spasms and scoliosis among others.

The system of Matrix Energetics is a stand alone healing practice even though various practitioners use it so as to enhance other healing techniques. A single session with a Matrix Energetics practitioner can change the belief system of the customer and could change his or her beliefs regarding the structure of reality, the nature of disease and the healing process. Normally, recipients could feel a wave pass throughout their bodies in view of the fact that their previous view of actuality is altered and this is where the Matrix Energetics system enters into the realm of quantum physics.

Space and time are not a part of actuality at the quantum level. A person's consciousness can affect how subatomic particles behave, according to the quantum theory. As the universe is interconnected with quanta, or tiny wave particles of information, that could be transferred at a rate faster than the speed of light, these quanta can appear everywhere at the same time and even move forward and backward in time. An individual's consciousness can have an effect on these quanta to alter emotions and physical matter. This information and these views have been integrated into the Matrix Energetics treatments and are accountable for the changes that take place on the cellular level within the patient.

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The city of Vernon is situated in the south-central region of BC. The city got its name from the previous BC MLA, Forbes George Vernon. He helped found the famed Coldstream Ranch. On December 30, year 1892, Vernon city was incorporated. In the area known as Greater Vernon, or the metropolitan region, the population is 55,418, whilst the City of Vernon has a population of 35,944. Individuals who reside here are known as "Vernonites."

Vernon is known for its skiing and hockey during the winter and its lakes, beaches and water sports during the summer. It is an all year tourist destination. A lot of individuals from Vancouver and Calgary rely on it as a weekend get-away. Among the major events in summertime which Vernon hosts is a large Slo-Pitch tournament...