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Chakra Vernon - According to the Hindu tradition, the chakras are centers of biophysical or metaphysical energy inside the human body. There are seven fundamental chakras, and many believe in additional lesser chakras located inside the body. Several modern believers have drawn parallels between the main organs of the endocrine system and the chakra system.

A series of lotus flowers ascending the spine to the crown of the head signify the 7 foremost chakras. Every chakra has an element, and a related colour plus mine of energy and every lotus has a specific amount of petals. As the chakras advance from the lowest to the highest, they govern more and more spiritual functions. As a person gets extra spiritually aware, they get in touch with the upper chakras one by one. The bottom chakra relates to the most basic physical issues, whilst the highest represents enlightenment.

The Root Chakra is claimed to be situated at the base of the spine. It's considered to symbolize basic instincts, survival and feelings of security. The root chakra is associated with the element of earth and the colour red. It's seen as a four petal lotus.

The Sacral Chakra is claimed to reside in the pelvis or the groin. It is related to emotions, sexual power and creativity. This chakra is associated with the element water and the colour orange and is typified by a 6 petal lotus flower.

In the area where the thorax plus the abdomen meet is located the Solar Plexus chakra. It governs digestion, psychological function and strength. The solar plexus chakra colour is yellow and its' component is fire. It is typified by a ten petal lotus.

The Heart Chakra is alleged to control empathy and love and is associated with the chest area including the lungs. The heart chakra is related to the colour green and the element of air. Its lotus has twelve petals.

The Throat Chakra is related to self-expression, progress and interaction. It is delineated by a sixteen petal lotus and it is associated with the component of sound or existence and the colour blue.

The Brow Chakra is as well referred to as the third eye. It's symbolized by a 2 petal lotus and stated to control perception and instinct. Its colour is indigo and it is related to the component of light or time.

The Crown Chakra is thought to be the connection to the divine or to signify the pinnacle of religious consciousness. Represented as a violet or white lotus having a thousand petals, its associated element is space or thought.

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The city of Vernon is situated in the south-central region of BC. The city got its name from the previous BC MLA, Forbes George Vernon. He helped found the famed Coldstream Ranch. On December 30, year 1892, Vernon city was incorporated. In the area known as Greater Vernon, or the metropolitan region, the population is 55,418, whilst the City of Vernon has a population of 35,944. Individuals who reside here are known as "Vernonites."

Vernon is known for its skiing and hockey during the winter and its lakes, beaches and water sports during the summer. It is an all year tourist destination. A lot of individuals from Vancouver and Calgary rely on it as a weekend get-away. Among the major events in summertime which Vernon hosts is a large Slo-Pitch tournament...